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Strain Review: BSD’s New York Power Diesel

If your looking for a true Diesel marijuana strain with flavour and power to match the name, then look no further. BDS’s New York Power Diesel strain is one of the best, giving you a narcotic-like high, diesel fuel flavor and a pungent aroma to share with the whole neighbourhood.. This is one of my most favourite strains in terms of yield, high and flavour. New York Power Diesel is one of the few buds that actually got its name for a reason other than it just sounding cool. Click on the pic to buy some seeds and have them shipped discreetly worldwide.

FloraNova, All you need for Grow and Bloom stages

General Hydroponics (GH) has a long history with the cannabis cultivating community, making products almost specifically (although they don’t admit it) for the production of cannabis. Many people that have used GH are probably most familiar with their three-part grow/bloom nutrient regimen, but few have heard about the FLoraNova line. If you google around the Internet you will find an extreme lack of information on the product and alot of mixed reviews in forums that do talk about it. Well I’m going to post some need to know info about FloraNova before you go out and buy it or feel weird for having bought it and not knowing jack about it.

FloraNova is an all-in-one PH neutral, semi-organic fertiliser with all the micros included. It also contains humic acid to aid in the uptake of nutrients, making this one thick ass solution that needs ample shaking before use. It comes in FN Grow and FN Bloom, you may as well just toss out the FN Grow if your doing hydro however, as it tends to burn alot. For hydro you can use 8ml/gal of FloraNova as an alternative to the original lucas formula which required both Flora Micro and Flora Bloom. Save yourself some cash, hassle and time by picking up a single bottle of FN Bloom and use it throughout the grow and bloom periods in lucas method quantities (8ml nutes/1gal water), adjust the ph as needed and enjoy stunning results! You can buy FN Bloom in our grow shop by clicking on “Grow Shop” in the navigation menu at the top of the page!

Harvest 3 Months Away(ish), Oregon Goes Dry and DEA on the Horizon

Almost a year from the last outdoor harvest of marijuana in Oregon, The streets are dry. Last year DEA began their War Of Terror against US citizens in Oregon leaving the once green state, relatively shaken in terms of marijuana availability. To make matters worse, supply was also cut short by cabbage looper (caterpillars) whom proceeded to eat the valuable meds in gardens not sheltered from aerial attack from moths. This has led to a severe shortage in marijuana supply that wont be getting any better until harvest in the coming months. This year the heat has killed off the majority of the white moths that turn your patch into a modern day pearl harbor. Too bad the same couldnt be said for the DEA who will likely be turning heads toward the sky once more as men armed with deadly assault weapons in black helicopters land down to oppress US citizens regardless of their compliance with state laws. Who the fuck are these people anyhow? Last time I checked we the citizens, not the feds, are responsible for keeping a well regulated militia and only one, Not MILITIAS, note the plural form. We now have several branches of military along with local police forces, DEA scum and more.

Hopefully this year US citizens in Oregon and other states being terrorized by the DEA will not bend so easy. The constitution made no claims as to the regulation and usage of substances by ones own self. To try and regulate such a thing is not only an invasion of privacy but impossible and an act of terrorism by sending armed soldiers, officers and even volunteer to control citizens actions through fear.

Oregon Cannabis Tax Act : Update

Hurry up and sign that petition! If you don’t know whats up, read our previous blog entry by clicking here. The OCTA petition deadline is the 7th of July (7/7/12) and the petition still needs an estimated 30,000 signatures to meet its goal of 160,000. If you are in Oregon I would strongly encourage you to visit and sign that petition!

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Marijuana in the Movies

Savages Trailer by Universal pictures

The Girlfriend of two marijuana dealers (yes they have a 3 way goin on) ends up getting kidnapped by a Mexican drug-lord in an attempt to lure to dealers. The dealers of course go after their woman resulting in some action packed shooting and fighting scenes etc… Looks like a sweet movie though and had some pretty good looking plants in the trailer too 😉

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Stoner Technology – Fight the wind no longer!

Ever get tired of having to fight the wind when you want to smoke outside? Why waste lighter fluid, The Tuck-N-Toke is the answer to your windy woes! The Tuck-N-Toke saves you time and money. Who wants to waste a new lighter just because they had/wanted to smoke outside? CLICK HERE to get yours!

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Uruguay’s “Pot Plan” and potential Decriminalization elsewhere

Its nice to see that somewhere in the world marijuana reform is making progress rapidly. Uruguay, the first South American country to legalize same sex civil unions and test cannabis cultivation is now taking another seemingly progressive leap by wanting to sell marijuana in an attempt to generate funds, ween the public off of harmful drug use and totally regulate the sale and production of the chronic. This has been tried before and failed. Obviously dealers will push harder to sell to minors when a substance is regulated.

So how do we deal with all these drugs? Brazil and Argentina may be well on their way to solving the problem. They are now weighing the possibility of decriminalization and the potential benefits and repercussions of doing so. All this doesn’t fly well with the US an UK govs and they have voiced their disagreement. Their complaints falls on deaf ears though, as nobody has solved the drug problem and it continues to eat away at funds that could be better spent elsewhere. Already this seems like a situation where it would be best to change your opinion than to try and force your way upon another. I myself am a full believer that “The right to swing my fist ends where the other man’s nose begins.” Meaning one can do whatever they wish so long as it does not harm or negatively impact the others around them.