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Oregon Cannabis Tax Act 2012 (OCTA)

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The Oregon Cannabis Act hopes to help us in the NW out by legalizing the production, sale and taxation of marijuana for adult use. Should this become a reality 90% of the revenue will be put into the state general fund,  7% will be used for drug abuse treatment programs, 1% to the Oregon Hemp Fiber and Food committee, 1% to the Oregon Hemp Bio-diesel committee and 1% to drug education in school districts. In addition to bringing in a hefty chunk of revenue(est $140 million), if the OCTA passes, $61.5 million will be saved on law enforcement, correctional facilities and judicial costs.

The OCTA currently has around 122,786 signatures as of 6-3-12 and needs to reach 150,000 by 7-3-12 to have a chance at being successful. For more information or to sign the petition please visit



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