Freed by the Seed!

The “Bath Salt Munchies”

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Ever get the munchies so bad you just couldn’t resist beating and eating your neighbor? Try taking Bath Salts, I hear its all the rage.

There has been several reports lately about people snorting Bath Salts
to get high and then going on a rampage. Several incidents involved the “salted” individual actually biting their victim. Meanwhile the creators of said Bath Salts continue to deny that they had any intention of getting people high with their product. I guess thats why my local pipe shop carries ONLY these particular brands of Bath Salts…..

People snorting this sh*t really need to just be left alone here in my opinion, note the residue on their nostrils from snorting a bathing products. I’m more than certain they will end up “culling” themselves out of society naturally simply because they are tempted to get high on anything. Next its Mr.Bubble , followed by Ajax. But MAYBE Bath Salts are the way of the future! People getting high and clean at the same time, Genius! (not). Meanwhile your door is being kicked down because your growing some organic flowers that aid in stress reduction and immune support.

How many people have actually tried Bath Salts? Vote now!


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