Freed by the Seed!

Uruguay’s “Pot Plan” and potential Decriminalization elsewhere

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Its nice to see that somewhere in the world marijuana reform is making progress rapidly. Uruguay, the first South American country to legalize same sex civil unions and test cannabis cultivation is now taking another seemingly progressive leap by wanting to sell marijuana in an attempt to generate funds, ween the public off of harmful drug use and totally regulate the sale and production of the chronic. This has been tried before and failed. Obviously dealers will push harder to sell to minors when a substance is regulated.

So how do we deal with all these drugs? Brazil and Argentina may be well on their way to solving the problem. They are now weighing the possibility of decriminalization and the potential benefits and repercussions of doing so. All this doesn’t fly well with the US an UK govs and they have voiced their disagreement. Their complaints falls on deaf ears though, as nobody has solved the drug problem and it continues to eat away at funds that could be better spent elsewhere. Already this seems like a situation where it would be best to change your opinion than to try and force your way upon another. I myself am a full believer that “The right to swing my fist ends where the other man’s nose begins.” Meaning one can do whatever they wish so long as it does not harm or negatively impact the others around them.


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