Freed by the Seed!

Harvest 3 Months Away(ish), Oregon Goes Dry and DEA on the Horizon

Almost a year from the last outdoor harvest of marijuana in Oregon, The streets are dry. Last year DEA began their War Of Terror against US citizens in Oregon leaving the once green state, relatively shaken in terms of marijuana availability. To make matters worse, supply was also cut short by cabbage looper (caterpillars) whom proceeded to eat the valuable meds in gardens not sheltered from aerial attack from moths. This has led to a severe shortage in marijuana supply that wont be getting any better until harvest in the coming months. This year the heat has killed off the majority of the white moths that turn your patch into a modern day pearl harbor. Too bad the same couldnt be said for the DEA who will likely be turning heads toward the sky once more as men armed with deadly assault weapons in black helicopters land down to oppress US citizens regardless of their compliance with state laws. Who the fuck are these people anyhow? Last time I checked we the citizens, not the feds, are responsible for keeping a well regulated militia and only one, Not MILITIAS, note the plural form. We now have several branches of military along with local police forces, DEA scum and more.

Hopefully this year US citizens in Oregon and other states being terrorized by the DEA will not bend so easy. The constitution made no claims as to the regulation and usage of substances by ones own self. To try and regulate such a thing is not only an invasion of privacy but impossible and an act of terrorism by sending armed soldiers, officers and even volunteer to control citizens actions through fear.


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