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FloraNova, All you need for Grow and Bloom stages

General Hydroponics (GH) has a long history with the cannabis cultivating community, making products almost specifically (although they don’t admit it) for the production of cannabis. Many people that have used GH are probably most familiar with their three-part grow/bloom nutrient regimen, but few have heard about the FLoraNova line. If you google around the Internet you will find an extreme lack of information on the product and alot of mixed reviews in forums that do talk about it. Well I’m going to post some need to know info about FloraNova before you go out and buy it or feel weird for having bought it and not knowing jack about it.

FloraNova is an all-in-one PH neutral, semi-organic fertiliser with all the micros included. It also contains humic acid to aid in the uptake of nutrients, making this one thick ass solution that needs ample shaking before use. It comes in FN Grow and FN Bloom, you may as well just toss out the FN Grow if your doing hydro however, as it tends to burn alot. For hydro you can use 8ml/gal of FloraNova as an alternative to the original lucas formula which required both Flora Micro and Flora Bloom. Save yourself some cash, hassle and time by picking up a single bottle of FN Bloom and use it throughout the grow and bloom periods in lucas method quantities (8ml nutes/1gal water), adjust the ph as needed and enjoy stunning results! You can buy FN Bloom in our grow shop by clicking on “Grow Shop” in the navigation menu at the top of the page!


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